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Ernie Questions His Existence - sesame street

Ernie: "Hey Bert, it's--"
Bert: "-Aak-Eek-Aak--"
Ernie: "--time for our checker game." Ernie looks apologetic.
Bert: "Oh Ernie, you scared me I thought you weren't here."
Ernie: "Well maybe I'm not then."
Bert: "What do you mean?"
Ernie: "You're usually right about most things, Bert."
Bert: modest "Welllllllll ..."
Ernie: "And if you think I'm not here ... then maybe I'm not"
Bert: "Good If you're not here, Ernie, then I can go back to reading my book."
Bert does go read for about two seconds, as Ernie starts to get worried.
Ernie: "But the question is ... If I'm not here ..."
Bert: to himself "Oh no ..."
Ernie: worried "... then ... Where Am I?"
Bert: "It's going to be one of those days."
Ernie gets a pair of binoculars and looks out the window with them
Bert: "Ernie ... irritated Ernie, what are you doing?"
Ernie: "I'm looking for me, Bert pause I thought I might be out taking a walk on Sesame Street, but I don't see me anywhere. pause Then if I'm not out on Sesame Street ---- I must be Lost"
Bert: "I don't believe this."
Ernie: "I'm lost he's really upset by now Out there, all alone, wandering through some spooky forest, or down some lonesome road ... This is terrible starts to cry I'll never see me again"
Bert: "Ernie"
Ernie: sniff "I miss me"
Bert: "Ernie, will you stop that Now, I can prove to you that You Are Here. Now, get our hand mirror. Ernie picks it up. Now, what's that?"
Ernie: "Oh, it's a mirror."
Bert: "No, no, I mean look inside"
Ernie: looks in the mirror "I see ... me, Bert That's me in the mirror, Bert"
Bert: "Right And if you see yourself in the mirror , that means--"
Ernie: "That means I must be Here Gee, thanks, Bert smiles at the reflection I missed me Ernie then goes back to Bert, tapping him on the shoulder as before Hey Bert. it's time--"
Bert: "Aak-Eek-Aak"
Ernie: " ... for our checker game I'm here"
Bert: angry "Ernie, we can not play checkers"
Ernie: "Why not, Bert? I'm here"
Bert: angry "That's right, you're here, Ernie BUT I'M NOT" marches out and slams door, leaving Ernie rather surprised.

sesame street